how to choose aftermaket wheels?

You may change the wheels of your car to upgrade it. But do you know how to choose a wheel? And what makes a good wheel? This passage will tell you.

Structure of Wheel

Firstly, to really know about wheels, you should get to know the structure of a wheel. Here are some important parts and parameters that you need to know.

Barrel is also called wheel rim, it is the part of a wheel around which a tire is mounted. Its nominal width and nominal diameter are usually indicated in inches.

Spoke is a device to protect the wheel, and it’s also called the Rib. The spoke can be an individual part that can be connected to the barrel with bolts, and can also be a whole entirety together with the barrel. Spokes are the most conspicuous part to show the style of the wheel.

PCD is the pitch center diameter, which is the diameter of the circumference of the CIRCLE

centered on the wheel and surrounded by several screw holes, as well as the number of the holes

ET is the Off-set value, the deviation of the wheel mounting surface from the center line of the

wheel rim. Off-set is defined as the distance between the rim’s mounting surface and the center of the rim, with Positive Offset in the outward direction and Negative Offset in the inward direction of the rim.

CB means center bore, which is for the connection between the wheel and the car. CB also indicates the hub hold diameter.

Parameters of Wheel

When we refer to the parameters of a wheel, we usually see the following format:”18 “ and “ 8 “ represents respectively the rim diameter and the rim width, this two numbers are the critical parameters for the size of the suitable tire. “ J “ is the code of the flange shape ( the shape of the wheel lip) , there are also E, F, KB, L, V and so on. “ 35 “ is the ET value, “ 5 “ represents the number of the bolt holes, and “ 114.3 “ is the PCD of the wheel. These parameters decide the size of the wheel, the way of installation, and the tire that the wheel matches.

Types of Wheels

casting wheels,casting wheel is popular in the market because it’s cheap for mass production

forged wheels, is lighter and harder than the casting wheel, The intensity of the forged wheel is 3 times higher than the casting wheel, but lighter, and can be in more styles.

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