What’s the difference between three-piece forged wheels and monoblock forged wheels?

One-piece forged wheels: As the name suggests, the wheel is a single piece.

Two-piece forged wheels: 2 components, consisting of a rim (Barrel) and a spoke (Disk).

Three-piece forged wheels: 3 components, the rim part of the three-piece wheel hub consists of two parts: a front piece (inner) & the rear piece (outer). Therefore, the three-piece hub consists of three parts: the front piece (inner), the rear piece (outer), and the spoke (Disk).

here is the difference between two-piece and three-piece forged wheels as below:

Two-piece forged wheels

Three-piece forged wheel brand:ADV.1,Forgiato,Giovanna,Savini,Asanti…

very fancy and cool, isn’t it?

There are currently two main ways to connect the spokes and rims of multi-piece forged wheels:

1. Dedicated bolt/nut connections

2) Welding (the two-piece wheel hub of WORK, a Japanese wheel hub, adopts this process)
Three-piece wheel, since the rim is composed of two parts, the front piece, and the back piece, it needs to be sealed after assembly to ensure air tightness

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